We, S Foods, are the only company in Japan that can export branded wagyu from all over Japan.
As you can see from the list of brands we have listed, we are proud to say that the ranches we have partnered with are the best in Japan.
Because of the large number of wonderful wagyu we gather, our sales staff needs to be familiar with the ranches we work with and the characteristics of their wagyu.
This time, our sales staff visited our affiliated ranches in Kagoshima and Miyazaki.

Although methods differ depending on the shape and size of the land, all ranches are designed to help wagyu cows grow and develop freely and easily.
For example, barns with exercise areas, barns that take advantage of its altitude to create a cool environment, and barns with mist sprayers to cool the cows’ bodies ……
What all of the farms have in common is that they all treat their wagyu cows with great care.
Wagyu cows growing up in a relaxed environment give us a sense of abundance.
We are grateful for the farmers and the cows with renewed respect, and proud of our own work once again.