The Gala party of Wagyu Master was held at Nikko Hotel at the night on April 5.
There were some awards given to some customers who purchased many wagyu and Kobe beef from us.
Our guests also enjoyed the plate with 4 pieces of steaks to compare the taste and flavor of Furano Wagyu, Nakayama Beef, Saga Beef and Kuromame Wagyu.
Our Kimono Butcher had a cutting show on the stage too.

The World Auction 2024 was held at Himeji Wagyu Master on April 6.
This is a rare opportunity that many famous beef brands including 3 most famous wagyu (Kobe, Matsusaka, Omi) are at the auction.
Customers from various countries participated in the auction and purchased Wagyu beef.
The most expensive beef at the auction was Kobe beef with Gold Prize.
This carcass was purchased at 9,030 JPY/KG by the customer from the United States.

After the World Auction, there was a BBQ party with cherry blossom.
We built a temporary farm so that customers can touch and take photos with Tajima Cattle.
Hope our customers enjoyed the World Auction and it was a very special day for us.